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Becky G g wears a neckline with a horn and gives a tremendous speech at the iHeartRadio Awards 2023

Becky G g wears a neckline with a horn and gives a tremendous speech
Becky G g wears a neckline with a horn and gives a tremendous speech
Khushbu Kumari

Good face and excellent figure to bad weather! This is how Becky G appeared at the 2023 iHeartRadio Awards amid the infidelity scandal of her fiancé Sebastian Lletget. She also won an award with Karol G

In the midst of all the controversy caused by the infidelity of which Becky G has been the victim, she has not left her agenda Yesterday and like a good “MAMIII”, the singer of Mexican origin said she was present at the iHeartRadio Awards 2023 with a neckline dress made of leatherette and animal print the rest of it. He also ended up receiving an award for that song with Karol G.

She barely made it to the red carpet at the 2023 iHeartRadio Awards when the red carpet lit up with her smile. You don't need to speak to know what a hard time she is experiencing right now with her fiancé Sebastian Lletget. Same as he already admitted in a statement cheating on the friend of Chiquis Rivera. Becky G not only said “to bad weather, have a good face” but she won last night in the category Best Latin Pop Song for MAMIII with Karol G. In addition to her dress with a strange neckline, she gave an impeccable speech.

As Nicole said 2 mommies and a hit song. “This only shows that -Together We Are More- We are together in this industry and we are capable of not only making successful songs but making history, for example.… We are super powerful and available to see each other differently and share in the light that is in this room for everyone. There is a seat at the table for everyone and I want to thank iHeart… and thanks Karol”, Becky G said with a smile on her face and without an engagement ring.

But this wasn't Becky G's first public appearance after rumors of infidelity. She did it this Sunday in Los Angeles during the game of the soccer team of which she is co-owner, Angel City FC. There she was surrounded by stars like Natalie Portman, America Ferrara and Christina Aguilera.

Becky G today at the Angel City FC game🩷— daily becky g (@beckygarchives) March 27, 2023

As for Sebastian Lletget. After the messages from the alleged lover wanting to speak with Becky G went viral, he himself issued a statement. There admitted his fault, also that he was a victim of extortion and that you would seek professional help to overcome the problems you are facing.

For now, Becky G has not spoken directly to the fact, but she did leave a message on her account Instagram: While she passes this bitter pill, we leave you with the latest video clip recorded by the Inglewood-born singerwith Omega El Fuerte on the beaches of the Dominican Republic“.

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