40% of zero emission vehicle sales in the United States in 2022 were in California

40 percent of zero emission vehicle sales in the United States in 2022 were in California
40 percent of zero emission vehicle sales in the United States in 2022 were in California
Khushbu Kumari

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced he will extend investments to make new electric and plug-in hybrid cars more accessible and affordable across the state. Tesla continues to lead sales in the market with more than 95,000 vehicles sold in the region

After the United States government announced that the goal for 2030 is that more than 50% of all new vehicle sales across the country are electric or plug-in hybrids. California continues to lead the market, and 40% of its cars are already zero emissions.

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, has promoted policies and actions since the end of 2020 to phase out cars that use gasoline. “Zero-emission vehicles will come with pioneering investments that drive innovation, create good jobs, and expand access and affordability across the state,” he said.

For its part, the state Air Resources Board reported last year that a rigorous schedule will be applied for the phasing out of new vehicles that use gasoline and diesel. They hope to meet the objective in 2035, “the deadline is ambitious but achievable”, they highlighted.

Likewise, the board explained that with these actions in 2037 pollution from vehicles powered by fossil fuels will have been reduced to 25%, a really significant figure.

The Governor also affirmed that “by keeping the focus on the communities that are most affected by the intensifying climate crisis, we will continue to make progress to make our clean transportation future a reality in California,” he added.

The California Energy Commission ruled on the matter and declared that in 2022, 18.8% of new vehicles were electric, when ten years ago that figure was 2%. Now California has about 1.4 million zero-emission cars on the state's highways.

Despite the fact that manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Hyundai or Volkswagen play everything in the market, producing everything from small cars to trucks, many of these vehicles are still more expensive than those that run on gasoline and this is not feasible for some. buyers.

However, the race for sales is being won by Tesla with several of its models on the market, according to the California Energy Commission they sold around 95,000 electric vehicles in the region. Tesla Inc's Model 3 is topping the list, followed by the Austin, Texas-based Model Y compact SUV, with around 94,000 cars sold in the state.

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