Selena Gomez responds to comments about her weight, after attending the Golden Globe Awards

Selena Gomez responds to comments about her weight
Selena Gomez responds to comments about her weight
Khushbu Kumari

While chatting with her sister Gracie on TikTok, the singer Selena Gomez took the opportunity to respond to the comments made by Internet users about her figure, saying that she really enjoyed her recent vacation

Selena Gomez was one of the most acclaimed artists at the last Golden Globe Awards , looking spectacular in a Valentino signature dress; And although she did not get the statuette, she was seen very happy in the company of her little sister From her Gracie Elliott Teefey. However, after a while some Internet users criticized the actress and singer for her figure, something that continued in the days after the event.

Now Gomez, who has always encouraged girls to empower themselves, no matter how they appear to others, has responded to those comments. During a live stream on TikTok where he was chatting with Gracie, he simply said, “I'm a little old now because I really enjoyed the holidays, right?” she said, turning to the little girl, and then starting to laugh a lot.

Selena has started the year with a lot of energy, and a reflection of this has been her return to posting on Instagram. Shortly after the awards ceremony, she went to a restaurant to celebrate with friends, and in her most recent post on that social network, she appears on board a yacht accompanied by model Nicola Peltz, whom she calls “my queen”.

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